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European Accessibility Act Toolkit for Transposition Made Available

December 14, 2020

Toolkit aims to give advocates tools and proposals to push for strong national legislation and adequate implementation complying with the European Accessibility Act (the EAA or the Act).

The toolkit provides with a brief introduction of the Act with related key documents and definitions, provides a timeline for transposition and implementation, and indicate who the main players of the process are.

The toolkit also explains what the Act covers, what are the most important provisions of the Act to consider during the transposition phase and how these can be improved at national level. The toolkit will also explain the enforcement, monitoring and reporting, and European Commission’s review of how Member States implement the Act in the years to come.

The development of the toolkit was led and by the European Disability Forum. EDF’s member organisations were participating in the process and provided EDF with expertise. EUD provided EDF with input for this toolkit to ensure it is a valuable tool for deaf advocates in the EU.

Source: European Union of the Deaf