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Google Docs Improves Usability for Markdown and Braille Users

April 01, 2022

Google seems to love little more than constantly bringing new features to its Workplace suite, and Docs is always on the receiving end of that, recently picking up new tools for working with watermarks, summaries, and easily the most important — em dashes. This week we're checking out two of the latest tweaks, as Docs makes Markdown much more versatile, and introduces some braille improvements to make it easier for the visually impaired to navigate documents.

Docs is getting a new option to automatically detect Markdown and enable syntax autocorrection. It will work for headings, bolding and italicizing text, and for adding links. Overall this should make for faster work in rich text documents, cutting down on the need to learn all variety of keyboard shortcuts.

In a separate update, Google announced improvements to braille support in Docs. Once enabled, those who need assistance through screen readers or braille displays will have an easier time understanding differences in types of content — assistive technology users will hear indicators as to when comments or highlights begin and end.

These both mark positive steps in Google's efforts to make products and services easier for everyone to use, with Google's Look to Speak and braille services presenting just two examples of its commitment to accessibility. When big names invest in such technologies to enhance inclusivity, other platforms that might be lagging behind will take notice and work on their own.

Source: Android Police

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