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India: Platform Introduces COVID-19 Helpline for Persons with Visual Impairment

April 09, 2020

Khabri, India’s digital audio content platform in the regional language, has rolled out an exclusive Covid-19 helpline portal/platform to attend the blind masses across India during these testing times. As a part of the initiative, Khabri stated that it would provide aid to this segment with expert inputs from domains including medical, psychological, social or financial, as per the official release.

Through this initiative, the company claims to raise awareness and strives to sensitize others around the same. Those in need can directly contact the team of Khabri on Whatsapp or reach them through the Khabri official App.

Emphasising the need to raise awareness in the current situation, Mr. Sandeep Singh, President and Co-founder, Khabri, said: “While privileged masses can ensure compliance to social distancing, a large group of blind and visually-impaired is facing a plethora of challenges – be it social, medical or psychological.”

He added that during these unprecedented times, they need the utmost care as their entire life revolves around touching and sensing.

“With our helpline portal, we endeavor to reach this cohort and address their problems. Besides this, we are also planning to hold live sessions with experts for direct interaction and make sure that the community of blind and visually-impaired is not left behind,” he stated in the official release.

Commenting on the initiative, S.K. Singh, In-Charge of National Association for the Blind (NAB) said: “We are glad to see that organizations like Khabri are thinking about us during these difficult times. The helpline portal comes as a huge relief to the community of blind people across the country and further gives them hope to stand stronger in this scenario. Blinds have a different set of problems in addition to normal people which will now be noticed and addressed with Khabri’s help.”

Khabri noted that it would launch a content channel, live counseling session and a celebrity-led talk show to help the blind community across India.

Source: The Hindu Businessline

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