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RAZ Mobility Introduces Personalized Audio

December 17, 2019

RAZ Mobility is excited to announce that it started offering personalized audio on mobile devices through a new mobile application. The TuneFork app will adjust the audio to the user’s unique hearing profile. This first-of-its-kind app offers individuals with hearing loss an unprecedented listening experience.

To personalize the audio, each user must take a hearing test on their mobile device utilizing the TuneFork app. After the test, users will experience personalized audio when using many applications. For example, audio will be personalized when using YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and music services, such as Google Play Music. It will also be personalized when making voice calls or video calls with Google Duo. Audio, however, will not be personalized when making standard phone calls.

RAZ Mobility will start to offer this application on a Samsung tablet in Texas through the Specialized Telecommunications Assistance Program. Over time, RAZ Mobility will offer this exciting new application on additional devices and to additional state programs. It is important to note that the TuneFork app currently does not work on all devices. For example, it does not work on iPhones or Motorola devices.

Another application, called SonicCloud, personalizes audio on a smartphone. However, this application costs $9.99 per month and is limited to phone calls made through its own VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) application. TuneFork, on the other hand, personalizes audio system-wide. In other words, it works across numerous applications. While TuneFork adjusts the audio based on the results of the hearing test, it does not amplify the overall volume. Accordingly, it works best for individuals with mild or moderate hearing loss (60 db or less).
Earlier this year, RAZ Mobility and TuneFork tested this technology, with great success, in a trial organized with the assistance of the Hearing Loss Association of America.

Source: Raz Mobility