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University Launches Cultivating Research and Equity in Sign-related Technology

September 09, 2020

Gallaudet University is launching a professional network to promote Deaf-led research and innovation in sign language technology.

The network, called Cultivating Research and Equity in Sign-related Technology (CREST), is funded by the National Science Foundation and will focus on increasing the inclusion of Deaf and hard-of-hearing students and researchers in the development of new technology in the field.

CREST was co-founded by Melissa Malzkuhn, founder and creative director of Gallaudet's Motion Light Lab, and Lorna Quandt, the lab's science director.

"There is new research coming out every day in this field. Now, with CREST, we have the opportunity to bring together top researchers and resources from across the world, not only to accelerate cutting-edge technologies for the broader deaf community but most importantly to ensure they are developed authentically from the start with deaf input and representation," said Quandt and Malzkuhn in a press release.

Source: Inside Higher Ed