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United States: ScripTalk Device for Persons with Visual Impairment Available in Walmarts Nationwide

August 06, 2019

ScripTalk is a device used to read out prescriptions to people who are visually impaired, and it’s now available in Walmarts pharmacies nationwide.

“ScripTalk is a newer technology that's been developed to help people that are legally blind or low vision that can't read their prescription bottles,” Craig Ellis with East Texas Lighthouse for the Blind said. "The device helps these people know if they’re taking the right medicine, dosage, how often to take their medication. It reads everything on the label to the date it was made, and the doctor who prescribed the prescription.

To get ScripTalk for free, all you have to do is stop by your local Walmart pharmacy and request a RFID (radio frequency identification) label to transmit the information.

No forms are needed to be filled out and you do not need proof of vision loss. There is also no age limit to accessing one. Even if you have a hard time reading the small letters on your prescription bottles, you can also take advantage of the tool.

If you prefer to use your smartphone there is an Android app available, and the IOS version is coming out soon.

“It will act the same way this does it will take up take a picture of the label and read everything back to you or it'll read the RFID label, then read it back to you just like this base does,” Ellis said.

You can also find StripTalk at various Sam's Club, Walgreens and CVS pharmacies.

Source: CBS 19