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Yale University President's Statement on Creating a More Accessible Yale

April 10, 2018

Creating a more accessible Yale is one of my goals as president. Digital accessibility — which means making our websites and web applications available to the broadest range of users — is key to fulfilling this promise.

Technology plays an important role at this university and in our daily lives. It can break down barriers and accelerate the pace of understanding and discovery. But we must take steps to ensure people with disabilities can benefit from the resources, services, and opportunities available online. By increasing digital accessibility, we can cultivate one of Yale’s greatest strengths: the diversity of this outstanding community. We all benefit from greater diversity — and accessibility — at Yale.

Digital accessibility relates directly to Yale’s mission: creating and disseminating knowledge. As one of the world’s preeminent research universities, we aim to expand the number of people who can use and benefit from Yale’s web presence. By modifying our websites and applications, we can better share Yale with a larger number of users, advancing our commitment to “improve the world today and for future generations.”

I am grateful to the many people who are working to promote digital accessibility at Yale — a critical undertaking that will strengthen our community. Thank you for joining me as we support this important effort!

Source: Yale News