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In Remembrance: Indrajit Banerjee

Indrajit Banerjee passed away on 25 January 2019, in Puducherry (India), following a long illness.

In Remembrance: Indrajit Banerjee

GENEVA (January 25, 2019) —

The Director General deeply regrets to inform you that our colleague, Indrajit Banerjee, passed away on 25 January 2019, in Puducherry (India), following a long illness.

lndrajit Banerjee, an Indian national, was born on 10 November 1964.

Since September 2010, he was the Director of the Division of Knowledge Societies in the Communication and Information Sector.

lndrajit Banerjee inspired his teams with his belief of knowledge in transforming societies. Under his leadership, UNESCO has launched several innovative programs to improve universal access to information, particularly for women and girls, people with disabilities and the preservation of minority languages. This generous vision and networks have enabled UNESCO to forge new partnerships in the field of information and communication technologies for sustainable development and peace.

lndrajit Banerjee joined UNESCO on July 25, 2009 as Head of the Section on the Application of Information and Communication Technologies for Education, Science and Culture in the Communication and Information Sector.

Ph.D. in communication and didactics from the Université de la Sorbonne in Paris (1994), then received a post-doctoral fellowship in communication and media from the Université du Québec a Montréal, Canada .

He began his academic career as an Assistant Professor at the University of Ottawa, then held the position of Associate Professor at the School of Communication and Information at the University of Science of Malaysia before joining the University of Technology in Nanyang, Singapore.

From 2004 to 2009, he was Secretary General of the Asian Media Information and Communication Center.

Colleagues who wish to send their condolences and thoughts to his family may do through his wife:


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