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Our Team


Axel Leblois

President & CEO

Francesca Cesa Bianchi

VP, Institutional & Advocacy

James Thurston

VP, Global Strategy and Development

Christine Forget

CFO / Director Publishing Services

Martin Gould

Director of Research

Christopher Lee

IAAP Managing Director / G3ict CLO

International Representatives

Andrea Saks

G3ict Head of Delegation to the ITU

Susanna Laurin

G3ict Representative to the EU

Nirmita Narasimhan

Senior Fellow / Program Director Asia-Pacific

Program Management and Research

Mohammed Loutfy, Ph.D.

Senior Advisor

Gita Esmieu

Director, Financial Services Accessibility

Yulia Sarviro

Sr. Project Manager, Smart Cities for All

Tracey Shipman

Program Manager, IAAP/G3ict

Cassandra Sperow

Program Manager, NeuroAbilities

Training and Certification

Sam Evans

Certification Manager, IAAP

Rachel Paul

Membership Service & Outreach Manager, IAAP

Mary Rainer-Skala

Director, Special Initiatives, IAAP

Sam Sundermann

Program Assistant, IAAP

Katie Frederick

Community Manager, IAAP

Jennifer Zolkos

Membership Accounts/Program Assistant, IAAP

Lourdes Arreola Prado

Built Environments Program Manager, IAAP

Digital Media Contents and Technology

Udita Singh

Communications Manager

Mahtab Irani

Digital Editor

Mithilesh Donthula

Developer/IT Specialist