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16th International Conference on Computers Helping People with Special Needs

Start Date: July 11, 2018

End Date: July 18, 2018

Location: Linz, Austria

Venue: University of Linz



16th International Conference on Computers Helping People with Special Needs

1. ICCHP 2018 Keynote Speakers are confirmed

ICCHP is proud and happy to announce that the set of our most inspiring 2018 keynote speakers is complete and confirmed! Find all information following ICCHP website

2. Accommodation @ ICCHP 2018

2018, Hotels close their timeframe for ordering our arranged priority booking at cheaper rates very early (starting from April 2!), so check soon as there are a lot of concurring events in Linz this summer and ICCHP cannot guarantee after the dates displayed on ICCHP website. Please ONLY use the eMail-contacts given on this page (column "Booking") and always give ICCHP 2018 as keyword to get the arranged rates published there.

3. Workshops and Meetings at ICCHP 2018

ICCHP 2018 and expressly ICCHP 2018 pre-conference offer the opportunity for introductory workshops and invites consortia to hold meetings on site. For registered conference participants, ICCHP provides complimentary basic facilities (room, video projector) upon availability and prior notification. Workshops and meetings must be announced till June 1, 2018. Find more information on workshops and meetings on ICCHP website.

4. AAATE Workshop “Excellence in the Process of AT Provision”

As a first workshop, AAATE announced to hold its 2018 workshop at ICCHP 2018 on Tuesday, July 10. Find all information on it following AAATE website and check back frequently for updated information.

5. Social Events 2018 are online!

The "secret highlights" of ICCHP, the ICCHP Social Events are online! Find more information on World Trips, Zebras and Farewells on ICCHP website.

6. ICCHP 2018 UBPC - the "Ultimate Backpack-Photo-Competition"

ICCHP is just around the corner and we want the ICCHP backpack to go on a journey and be seen everywhere! How? Go to ICCHP facebook page, post a photo of/with your ICCHP backpack on our ICCHP facebook presence - it can be any of the past years - and the more ‘Likes’ you get on your post, the bigger your chance of going home with a brand new tablet PC! More information and all rules and guidelines on our ICCHP Facebook presence.

7. ICCHP 2018 Social Media

ICCHP 2018 is on Facebook. Become a fan and check this link for the latest news about ICCHP. You can also "RSVP" on the ICCHP Conference event page: Check here on Facebook, so everyone can see you will take part.

ICCHP 2018 is present on LinkedIn: Check here and become part of the group!

ICCHP 2018 is present on Twitter: Follow ICCHP_conf2018 and @ICCHP_conf

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