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G3ict at ATIA 2019

Start Date: January 30, 2019

End Date: February 02, 2019

Location: Orlando, Florida


ATIA 2019 ConferenceATIA 2019 Conference, January 30-February 2, Orlando, Florida. Photo credit: ATiA 2019

The Assistive Technology Industry Association (ATIA) is the premier organization for manufacturers, sellers and providers of assistive technology (AT)—products, equipment and systems that enhance learning, working and daily living for persons with disabilities. At ATIA 2019, speakers will share new insights, the latest research, and innovative approaches over five days in the largest gathering of the national and international assistive technology community. For more information, visit the ATIA 2019 event website.

[VIDEO] Listen to Axel Leblois, President and Executive Director at G3ict at ATIA 2019.