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Digital Inclusion of Older Persons a Priority for Barbados

October 06, 2019

Senior citizens do not intend to be left behind as the island shifts gears towards becoming digitally smart.

In brief remarks during the final day of the inaugural Smart Barbados week at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre, Executive Manager of the Barbados Association of Retired Persons (BARP), Elsa Webster, insisted it is very clear the transformation must be citizen-oriented, leaving no one behind.

She encouraged all persons to embrace technology, regardless of age, while stressing BARP’s seriousness regarding digital inclusion.

“We are really serious and do not intend to let any one of our seniors be left behind. We are familiar with most of the excuses for not doing this because of age. That is a myth and we intend to show it. Therefore, I say again, we are serious about digital inclusion and we have a cadre of members that represent the rich tapestry of our island and will do our part,” she stated.

Addressing the large gathering, Webster took the time to highlight the facets of good digital citizenship.

“Digital citizenship extends beyond ability to use a digital device to access digital services. Being a good digital citizen does not mean just using WhatsApp, but using WhatsApp with respect, having email etiquette, reporting and preventing cyber bullying – not encouraging it, learning how to protect your private information, (and) learning how to detect and discard fake news rather than spreading it,” she insisted.

She also assured the 70 digital ambassadors that BARP will be recruiting several of them to aid in the process of getting senior citizens up to date on technological advancements.

Source: Barbados Advocate