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Daily Headlines

City of Montreal Asks for Citizens' Help in Developing Universal Accessibility Plan

October 05, 2018

In a bid to make the city easier to navigate for people with disabilities, City of Montreal officials will be hosting a public consultation to develop a universal accessibility plan for the city. Read More

Source: CBC

Zyrobotics Becomes Microsoft's First ‘AI for Accessibility’ Grantee

October 05, 2018

Microsoft has announced Zyrobotics as the first grantee of the AI for Accessibility grant by Microsoft to develop AI solutions primarily centered around accessibility. Read More

Source: Neowin

St. Kitts and Nevis: Use Of Technology Can Help Persons With Disabilities Advance

October 02, 2018

A workshop held as part of ICT week at St. Kitts and Nevis discussed the need for an all-inclusive approach in the development of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) for use by all. Read More

Source: Ziz

Google Launches Voice Assistant App 'Voice Access' to Enable a Hands-Free Way to Use Phones

October 02, 2018

Google launched Voice Access, an Android app that offers a hands-free way to write and edit text and talk to Google Assistant hence ensuring improved accessibility for persons with limited mobility. Read More

Source: Tech Crunch

Designing Accessible Government Websites

October 01, 2018

States can be more inclusive and ensure that e-government services are available to all by embracing accessible design for websites and adhering to an “accessibility first” strategy. Read More

Source: Government Technology

European Union Joins WIPO’s Marrakesh Treaty, Greatly Expanding Coverage

October 01, 2018

The European Union has joined WIPO’s Marrakesh Treaty, which eases the creation and transfer across national boundaries of texts specially adapted for use by persons with visual impairment. Read More

Source: WIPO

UK: Government Digital Services Helping Public Sector Websites Meet Accessibility Requirements

September 24, 2018

With the aim to ensure public sector websites and apps are accessible to users with disabilities, Government Digital Services has published guidance and support organisations Read More

Source: Government Digital Service

Artificial Intelligence Seeks to Improve Lives of Persons With Disabilities

September 21, 2018

​ Artificial intelligence is already being applied to support the inclusion of persons with disabilities.These technologies coupled with sensors in homes and cities will further enhance inclusion. Read More

Source: Huffington Post

How Online Retailers Can Enhance Digital Accessibility for Shoppers With Disabilities

September 20, 2018

Commitment to inclusive design not only makes a retailer's website accessible to customers with disabilities but also makes it easier for all customers to use. These 10 steps explain how. Read More

Source: E Commerce Times

What AI Can do to Improve Workplace Accessibility for Employees with Disabilities

September 20, 2018

AI’s ability to help make the workplace more accessible and inclusive is becoming evident and this is something that should be considered in any AI national strategy. Read More

Source: Silicon Republic