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Google’s Parrotron AI Designed for Persons with Speech Impairments

July 18, 2019

Google launched Parrotron, a new speech-to-text software for persons with speech impairments that runs on a deep neural network trained to convert speech patterns into fluent synthesized speech Read More

Source: The Next Web

Apple Unveils New Inclusive Emojis

July 17, 2019

In a move to bring more diversity to the keyboard and on the occasion of World Emoji Day, Apple released new disability-themed emojis that will be available in the fall. Read More

Source: Heat World

Budapest-based Startup Develops Unique Technology for Persons with Hearing Impairment

July 17, 2019

Budapest-based SignAll has developed unique technology which automatically translates American Sign Language into spoken and written English using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Read More

Source: 150 Sec

​Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority​ to Launch App, Website in 2020 to Assist Riders with Disabilities

July 16, 2019

The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority​ plan to launch the Beacon Wayfinding Project, that will provide riders with audio-based navigation for metro stations and metro buses by 2020. Read More

Source: The GW Hatchet

Canadian Games Developer to Make AAA Games Accessible for Gamers

July 16, 2019

David Evans of Canadian based gaming developers, FallingSquirrel, has created an all audio game, The Vale in an attempt to get sighted and gamers with visual impairment playing together. Read More

Source: Yahoo

Lyft Self-Driving Cars from Aptiv Offer Tactile Maps, Diagrams for Riders with Visual Impairment

July 11, 2019

Aptiv's self-driving cars introduced on the Lyft app for service in Las Vegas now include tactile graphics showing all self-driving features in vehicles available for passengers with visual impairment Read More

Source: Mashable

Inclusion Works to find Employment Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities in Bangladesh

July 09, 2019

UK aid-funded project Inclusion Works was launched in Bangladesh to provide employment opportunities for 2,000 youths with disabilities in both government and private sector through this project. Read More

Source: BD News 24

Westpac Becomes First New Zealand Bank to Receive Recognition from the Accessibility Tick Program For Its Commitment to Accessibility

July 08, 2019

Westpac NZ has become the first New Zealand bank to achieve recognition from the Accessibility Tick program, for its commitment to becoming more accessible and inclusive of people with disabilities. Read More

Source: Dev Discourse

Kuwait: Telecom Innovator Zain Group Launches WE ABLE Initiative, Aims to be Disability Inclusive by 2022

July 07, 2019

Zain Group, a mobile telecom innovator in the Middle East launched its Disability Inclusion initiative WE ABLE aimed at achieving an inclusive workforce and accessible products for the company by 2022 Read More

Source: Kuwait Times

UNESCO Releases State of the Education Report for India 2019: Children with Disabilities

July 03, 2019

UNESCO Delhi released the State of the Education Report for India 2019: Children with Disabilities and recommended the expansion of information technology for education of children with disabilities Read More

Source: The Week

South Africa: Teacher to Receive Access to Sign Language Training Programme

July 02, 2019

The Development Institute for the Deaf and Blind and Embury Institute for Higher Education launched the first sign language teachers training program in South Africa. Read More

Source: Hyper Text

UK Government Launches New Strategy Designed to Boost the Role of Technology for Older Persons

July 01, 2019

The UK Government has set up a Longevity Council to design a strategy to boost the role of technology for older persons. It will also advise on developing UK as a market for an ageing society. Read More

Source: Engineering & Technology