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Daily Headlines

Canada's First Federal Accessibility Legislation Receives Royal Assent

June 21, 2019

The new Accessible Canada Act aims to enable the Government to develop accessibility standards in priority areas such as the design and delivery of services. Read More

Source: News Wire

Microsoft Announces Soundscape Audio Navigation App in Canada

June 21, 2019

Microsoft has announced the Canadian launch of Soundscape, a navigation app that helps guide people with vision impairment use 3D audio queues for way-finding. Read More

Source: IT World Canada

United Nations Launches Disability Inclusion Strategy

June 20, 2019

United Nations Secretary-General has announced that the UN will implement a disability inclusion strategy to make the UN fully accessible to all. Read More

Source: SDG Knowledge Hub

Comcast’s Latest Feature Designed to Enhance Television Accessibility

June 17, 2019

Comcast has created a web-based remote that works with existing gaze-tracking tech and other assistive tech for enhanced viewing for persons with motor disabilities. Read More

Source: Tech Radar

Braille Card System to be Officially Used in Egyptian Museums

June 16, 2019

As part of the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities’ plan to develop accessible museums and sites, the Gayer-Anderson Museum has set up Braille explanatory cards to be used in its exhibition halls Read More

Source: Egypt Today

Wearable Devices May Help Persons with Disabilities Move Comfortably

June 16, 2019

As part of the FREEHAB project, soft, wearable rehabilitative devices have been developed at University of Bristol, UK, helping older persons and persons with disabilities move in comfort and safety. Read More

Source: Business Standard

Assistive Technology Lab to Open at Iowa State for Students with Disabilities

June 14, 2019

Iowa State University students with disabilities will now have access to a lab to use assistive learning technologies including speech-to-text tools, a Braille display, and screen reader. Read More

Source: Clay and Milk

New Partnership in U.K. to Enhance Airport Navigability and Assistance

June 13, 2019

A partnership in UK aims at providing technology to enable persons with hearing impairment better navigate airports. Read More

Source: AT Today

European Commission Releases New Report on Online Accessibility

June 12, 2019

The new report reviews and assesses the overall progress achieved in the European Union (EU) in implementing the Recommendation (2011/711/EU) on digitization and access of cultural heritage material. Read More

Source: European Commission

Interactive Fiction Technology Program Releases Accessibility Testing Report

June 12, 2019

The Interactive Fiction Technology Program program has tested the current state of accessibility for Interactive Fiction game-play platforms and provided suitable recommendations in its latest report. Read More

Source: Interactive Fiction Technology Foundation

Malaysia: Increased Focus on Digital Inclusion for Persons with Disabilities

June 10, 2019

A special unit under Malaysia's Ministry of Communications and Multimedia will be set up to focus on efforts to assist persons with disabilities from technology including engaging in business online. Read More

Source: Malay Mail

Israel Launches 7th Annual Disability Inclusion Conference

June 10, 2019

Over 800 people from 22 countries participated in Access Israel’s 7th International Conference. Read More

Source: Jerusalem Post