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DARE Academy

Advancing Digital Accessibility Know-How with Advocates for Advocates

About the DARE Academy

The Digital Accessibility Rights Education (DARE) Academy reflects G3ict’s mission to “Building a global community to advance the fundamental human right of persons with disabilities to digital access.”.

Scholarship Fund

The DARE Academy Scholarship Fund is G3ict's pilot program dedicated to opening new potentials for persons with disabilities who are interested in and passionate about advocating for digital accessibility and to get certified as professionals in the field.

DARE Academy Graduates

Scholarship recipients who successfully gained the CPACC credentials.

Graduate Testimonials

Testimonials of DARE Scholarship Graduates

Webinar Series

The DARE Academy Webinar Series is G3ict's initiative dedicated to contributing to the documentation process of countries’ policies and best practices for ensuring the availability of a reliable and comprehensive source of educational references and awareness raising tools in the arena of digital accessibility and inclusive ICTs.

Global Fellowship Program

The Global Fellowship Program initiative brings together Persons with Disabilities pioneering and/or interested in the area of promoting the disability right to inclusive ICTs.