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G3ict at the 12th Session of the Conference of States Parties to the CRPD

Start Date: June 11, 2019

End Date: June 13, 2019

Location: New York

Venue: United Nations Headquarters


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The 12th session is scheduled to take place at the United Nations Headquarters, New York, from June 11-13, 2019. The overarching theme of the 12th sessions is, 'Ensuring inclusion of persons with disabilities in a changing world through the implementation of the CRPD.'

James Thurston, Vice President for Global Strategy and Development, G3ict and Nirmita Narasimhan, Senior Fellow and Program Director Asia-Pacific, G3ict will be panelists at the Roundtable on 'Technology, Digitalization and Information and Communications Technology for the Empowerment and Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities' on June 12.

The discussion will be co-chaired by a senior representative of Government of Finland, Vice President of the Conference and Mosharraf Hossain a civil society representative from ADD International. Other key panelists include Farida Nana Efua Bedwei, a software Engineer and cofounder of Logiciel, a fin-tech company in Ghana; Tytti Matsinen a Disability Inclusion Adviser from Helsinki Finland; Inmaculada Placencia, Senior Expert and disability focal point in the Unit Disability &Inclusion at the European Commission.

The Roundtable aims to address key issues, challenges and share experience in mobilizing resources and support through various means for effective implementation of the Convention in the contexts of rapid development of technical advances especially in digitalization and information and communication technologies field which has a significant implication for all including persons with disabilities in our societies.

For more information, visit the event website.