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Daily Headlines

United Kingdom: New Guidance for Higher Education Providers to Support Students with Visual Impairment

September 21, 2020

UK-based organizations have collaborated to produce a guide for university professionals to support students with visual impairment during COVID-19. Read More

Source: Charity Today

South Africa: New Company Provides Captioning and Subtitling Services by Persons with Disabilities

September 17, 2020

​A new company launched in South Africa provides employment exclusively to persons with disabilities and offers subtitling services in all South African languages, including Sign Language.​​ Read More

Source: Biz Community

Instagram Makes IGTV Videos More Accessible with Automatic Closed Captions

September 17, 2020

In an effort to expand accessibility efforts, IGTV videos on Instagram will now include an auto captions option. Read More

Source: The American Genius

New App Promotes Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in Public Spaces

September 17, 2020

The Institute for Research on Well-being Policies, University of Valencia has launched the Mind Inclusion 2.0 app that is cognitively accessible for persons with disabilities to find leisure options. Read More

Source: Medical Express

Researchers Explore Robots to Support Youth with Autism

September 17, 2020

Researchers from the University of the West of England (UWE Bristol) are investigating how socially intelligent robots in schools can support young persons with autism. Read More

Source: Tech Spark

Microsoft and Partners Launch New Program to Increase Employability

September 17, 2020

The Microsoft Enabler Program is a pilot that aims to work with non-profits and Microsoft partners to create inclusive workplaces across Asia Pacific through online training and inclusive hiring. Read More

Source: Data Center News

Syracuse University to Create Disability Inclusion Office

September 15, 2020

Syracuse University will create an Office of Disability Access and Inclusion after a year-long audit of its disability resources and services. Read More

Source: Daily Orange

Intel to Study Gamers with Disabilties to Make Future Products More Accessible

September 11, 2020

Researchers at Intel have joined forces to learn how persons with disabilities interacting with gaming can impact considerations in the development of future tools and products.​​ Read More

Source: Calcalist

Canada: TransLink Launches Online Tools to Enable Transit Accessibility

September 11, 2020

Canada's TransLink is set to launch a series of online tools designed to help make transit accessible for all. Read More

Source: Richmond News

UNESCO and China Partner to Promote Web Accessibility in Mongolia

September 11, 2020

In response to requests from the Government of Mongolia, UNESCO and the Internet Society of China have signed an MOU to partners on the promotion of web accessibility.​​ Read More

Source: India Education Diary

University Launches Cultivating Research and Equity in Sign-related Technology

September 09, 2020

​The Cultivating Research and Equity in Sign-related Technology, funded by the National Science Foundation, will focus on the inclusion of Deaf researchers in the development of tech in the field.​​​ Read More

Source: Inside Higher Ed

Samsung TVs Receive UK’s RNIB's Accreditation for Meeting Accessibility Criteria

August 26, 2020

Samsung has announced that its 2020 TVs have received the Tried and Tested rating from UK’s Royal National Institute of Blind for meeting the accessibility criteria for persons with visual impairment. Read More

Source: Sam Mobile