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India: NIOS Receives the UNESCO King Sejong Literacy Prize 2021 for Focus on Inclusive Learning Material

September 12, 2021

​India's National Institute of Open Schooling receives the UNESCO Literacy Prize 2021 for its use of digital tools to help persons with disabilities access Indian Sign Language based content. ​​​ Read More

Source: Livemint

Modified Headphones Translate Sign Language with Doppler Technology

September 04, 2021

A University at Buffalo-led research team has modified noise-cancelling headphones to enable the common electronic device to translate American Sign Language (ASL) when paired with a smartphone. Read More


US: New Illinois Law Increases Access to Online Learning for Students with Disabilities

September 03, 2021

A new law in Illinois (US) ensures access to learning for students with disabilities by making schools adhere to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines for digital education in K-12 schools. Read More

Source: Fox Illinois App Helps Learn the Sign Language Alphabet

August 27, 2021

Creative studio Hello Monday has worked with the American Society for Deaf Children to create an app to make it easier to learn the sign language alphabet. Read More

Source: Dezeen

Kenya to Build Africa’s First ICT Accessibility Standard

August 24, 2021

The Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) and nonprofit organization inABLE have partnered to work towards the eventual enactment of a National ICT Accessibility Standard to promote digital inclusion. Read More

Source: Techish

Electronic Arts to Provide Free Access to Technology

August 24, 2021

Electronic Arts (EA) announced a Patent Pledge to give competitors and developers free access to its accessibility-related patents and technology. Read More

Source: Venture Beat

Canadian City Releases Public Transit App for Enhanced Navigation

August 17, 2021

The Société de transport de Laval in Laval, Quebec has created a new app to help guide persons with disabilities on how to get to a destination using personalized, pre-programmed trip information. Read More

Source: CTV News

Google Launches Program To Hire More People With Autism

August 09, 2021

Google will partner with Stanford University in an effort to make its workforce more neurodiverse and bring more people with autism into its cloud workforce. Read More

Source: Disability Scoop

The City of Colorado Springs Invites Public Comment on Web Accessibility Transition Plan

August 09, 2021

The City of Colorado Springs invites residents with disabilities to comment on its new Web Accessibility Transition Plan to analyze current technology and platforms and identify barriers to access. Read More

Source: Fox 21

National Trends in Disability Employment Releases Monthly Update

August 06, 2021

The National Trends in Disability Employment Monthly Update by the Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals a decrease in the employment-to-population ratio for working-age people with disabilities. Read More

Source: Kessler Foundation

Australia's 2021 Census to Be Accessible to Persons with Disabilities

August 02, 2021

Australia's 2021 Census website has implemented a range of assistive technologies to ensure digital accessibility for all. Read More

Source: SBS News

UAE Plans Implementation of an Inclusive Education Policy

August 01, 2021

The Ministry of Education in the UAE has adopted an inclusive education policy in public and private schools that follow its curriculum in an effort to provide quality inclusive education. Read More

Source: Khaleej Times