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Daily Headlines

Renault Partners with Nino Robotics To Develop sustainable and Accessible Mobility Solutions for All

December 03, 2019

French automobile manufacturer Renault has partnered with Nino Robotics with the aim to develop sustainable and accessible mobility solutions for all. Read More

Source: Automobil Sport

Comcast Now Offers Customer Service In ASL, A First For The Cable Industry

December 03, 2019

Comcast and Connect Direct have launched ASL Now, a customer service support that will make ASL a language option for customer service for the first time in the cable industry.​​ Read More

Source: Forbes

Harvard to Caption Online Video Content

December 02, 2019

Harvard reached a settlement with the National Association of the Deaf wherein the University must take steps to improve the accessibility of content posted to its official website and media platforms Read More

Source: The Crimson

Pilot Project in Newfoundland, Canada Tests Tech to Help Pedestrians with Visual Impairment Use Crosswalks

December 01, 2019

A pilot project, called Key2Access is being tested to increase the safety and ease of using crosswalks for people with disabilities including those with visual impairment. Read More

Source: CBC

Linux-Based Tablet Developed for Persons with Visual Impairment Speaking Persian

December 01, 2019

Researchers at an Iranian knowledge-based company have used native knowledge to facilitate the lives of persons with visual impairment by developing a special tablet for them. Read More

Source: Iran Front Page News

Student Invents a Prosthetic Arm that Functions Using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

December 01, 2019

An engineering student at Çankaya University, has invented a prosthetic arm that functions using artificial intelligence. They work both digitally and physiologically and can be used regardless of age Read More

Source: Daily Sabah

Professor, Students Create Smart Vest to Help Persons with Visual Impairment Navigate Better

December 01, 2019

A Western Michigan University (WMU) professor and her students worked on a research project to create an alternative to the white cane for persons with visual impairment. Read More

Source: WWMT

FCC Takes Steps to Prevent Misuse of Federal Funds for Telecom Services

November 25, 2019

The FCC has released a Report and Order to expand the Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS) Fund contribution base for support of Internet Protocol Captioned Telephone Service (IP CTS) Read More

Source: Telecom Paper

New Zealand: New Research Shows Persons with Disabilities Particularly Disadvantaged with Respect to Internet Access

November 21, 2019

New research using four large-scale surveys of New Zealanders shows persons with disabilities appear to be particularly disadvantaged with respect to internet access. Read More


RIA Novosti Launches the Blind And The City Immersive VR Project in English

November 18, 2019

​The RIA Novosti news agency has launched an English version of its project, The Blind and the City, that relies on virtual reality to give users an immersive experience of what it is like to be blind Read More

Source: Urdu Point

Eye Gaze Technology Enhances Communication for Persons with Disabilities

November 17, 2019

In Geneva, an accessible technology device called Tobbii Dynavox I-15, allows persons with disabilities to use their eyes to communicate and offers them a new level of independence. Read More

Source: ABC 7 News

Rochester Institute of Technology’s National Technical Institute for the Deaf Developed App Enhances Accessibility for Museum Visitors on Self-Guided Tours

November 12, 2019

The MUSEAI app, created by researchers at RIT/NTID will provide information about a specific artwork, including descriptions, media with captions to enhance accessibility for all visitors in museums. Read More

Source: Rochester Institute of Technology