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Daily Headlines

Joomla's Two New Versions Include Accessibility Checker

May 11, 2022

Content Management System Joomla's Two New Versions, 4.1.3​ and 3.10.9, include accessibility checker among other improvements. Read More

Source: Daily Host News

Jamaica: Universal Service Fund to be Leveraged to Provide Universal Access to Internet Services

May 11, 2022

Through the Universal Service Fund (USF), connectivity has been provided to three sites to support persons with disabilities. Read More

Source: Jamaica Information Service

LinkedIn Announces Accessibility Updates to Improve Accessibility

May 10, 2022

The new updates announced by LinkedIn focus on accessibility and include real-time captions for live audio events, improved search for posts, and a custom URL display option on Creator profiles. Read More

Source: Social Media Today

WordPress 6.0 Features Numerous Accessibility Improvements

April 25, 2022

WordPress announces that version 6.0 features numerous accessibility improvements that bring it closer to WCAG 2.0 AA compliance. Read More

Argentina: New Resolution Aims to Make Television Content More Accessible

April 18, 2022

Argentina's National Communications Authority (ENACOM) has passed a resolution to make television content more accessible. Read More

Source: Global Compliance News

CVS and Federal Prosecutors Reach Agreement on Vaccine Portal Accessibility

April 11, 2022

CVS Pharmacy has reached a settlement with federal prosecutors that will ensure the company’s online vaccination scheduling portal remains fully accessible to persons with disabilities. Read More

Source: ABC News

Buy Local Policy in Western Australia Updated to Prioritize Jobs for Persons with Disabilities

April 07, 2022

WA Buy Local Policy 2022 ensures State Government contracts create more work for regional Western Australians. Read More

Source: Media Statements, Government of Western Australia

New App Enables Braille to Text Translation on iPhone

April 04, 2022

Braille Scanner allows users to take a photo of a piece of paper with Braille on it using their iPhones and translate it into text. Read More

Source: 9 to 5 Mac

New Sign Language Glossary to Assist Persons with Hearing Impairment in Employment

April 04, 2022

Edinburgh researchers have helped to produce a sign language glossary for persons with hearing impairment who use digital technology in education or the workplace. Read More

Source: Future Scot

Google Docs Improves Usability for Markdown and Braille Users

April 01, 2022

Google has introduced braille and other improvements to make navigation documents easier. Read More

Source: Android Police