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Our Partners

2024 Institutional Leaders

G3ict's work would not be possible without the generous support of our Institutional Leaders sponsors on a yearly basis.

2006-2024 Benefactors

A sincere thank you to our Founding, Benefactors, Associates, Event, and Publishing sponsors for their belief in G3ict over the years.

M-Enabling Summit Sponsors

Thank you to all M-Enabling sponsors and exhibitors enhancing their profile through a variety of tailored sponsorship and advertising event's packages.

IAAP Organizational Members

Explore a diverse group of organizational members representing a wide range of industries globally that has come together to collectively support the mission of IAAP.

G3ict Delegation to the ITU

G3ict maintains a permanent delegation to the ITU in Geneva allowing accessibility experts and persons with disabilities to participate in the work of the ITU.

Program Hosts & Co-Organizers

Browse through a list of institutions that have either generously hosted in-kind or co-organized programs and events with G3ict.

Research & Publishing

Find institutions and organizations which have joined force with G3ict to conduct research and publishing programs.

Cooperation & Affiliation

G3ict participates in a variety of projects, organizations and initiatives led by international consortia supporting the promotion of ICT accessiblity.