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Susanna Laurin

Chief Research and Innovation Officer, Funka and IAAP Representative to the EU

Susanna Laurin is Chief Research and Innovation Officer at Funka. Pennholder for the WADex Sub-Group on monitoring and G3ict and IAAP Representative to the EU.

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18 August 2021

Every now and then, there is someone claiming to have found the silver bullet in the eco-system of accessibility. Either it’s the perfect automatic testing tool that promises to detect “everything” in a correct way, or it’s yet another overlay that magically sweeps away all accessibility problems wi... Read More

01 April 2020

Most European countries have closed down schools due to the risk of contagion. When the schools suddenly have to operate online, the lack of legal requirements for digital accessibility in the school system becomes evident. Already vulnerable groups will be most at risk of exclusion. Digitalizati... Read More

25 November 2019

The European Parliament has funded a pilot project aimed at investigating which accessibility features could be built into authoring tools, in this case content management systems, CMS. Funka has led the 1.5 year-long project, partnering with CTIC and collaborating with stakeholder organisations as ... Read More

19 November 2019

Content management systems, CMS, can make a huge difference when it comes to accessibility. It is extremely important to choose a tool where functions and templates don’t create accessibility problems. However, almost equally important is the potential the CMS has to help the web authors to do the r... Read More

28 December 2018

In the first week of December, Europe celebrates the Day of Persons with Disabilities. Seminars are held covering disability related topics and important decisions are usually communicated. This year, IAAP Europe organised a high level event on Web Accessibility Regulations in Brussels. At the ... Read More

31 May 2018

Europe is moving from recommendations to legislation when it comes to accessibility. In September this year, the Web Accessibility Directive will enter intro force, with requirements for public sector in all EU member states to comply with the EN301549 standard when it comes to websites, extranets, ... Read More