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G3ict at the 13th Conference of States Parties to the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CoSP13)

Date: December 04, 2020

Location: Online; New York

Venue: United Nations Headquarters


The 13th session of the Conference of States Parties to the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) is scheduled to take place in both in-person and virtual format at the United Nations (UN) Headquarters, New York, from November 30 to December 4, 2020. The over-arching theme of the 13th session is 'A decade of action and delivery for inclusive sustainable development: implementing the CRPD and the 2030 Agenda for all persons with disabilities.'

The Global Initiative for Inclusive ICT (G3ict) will be participating in the following events:

CoSP13 Civil Society Forum

December 2, from 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm ET (US & Canada): Leave No One Offline: digital inequalities and addressing barriers to full participation and inclusion online.

CoSP13 Side Events

December 3, from 11:30 am - 12:45 pm ET (US & Canada): Technology and Equal Access to Justice for Persons with Disabilities
(Co-hosted by G3ict-IDA)

Join Gerard Quinn (United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs), professor emeritus in law at the National University of Ireland-Galway), Frederic Schroeder (President, World Blind Union, and Board member, IDA), Laura Ruby (Director, Worldwide Accessibility Policy and Standards Regulatory Affairs, Microsoft Corporation), Michael Stein (Co-founder and Executive Director, Harvard Law School Project on Disability, and a Visiting Professor at Harvard Law School), and James Thurston (Vice President, Global Strategy and Development, G3ict) for a session co-hosted by G3ict and International Disability Alliance (IDA). This session will examine the digital transformation of courts and justice systems today and what steps are required to ensure their accessibility for Persons with Disabilities. The discussion also will explore how technologies can be leveraged in innovative ways to address long-standing barriers to justice for Persons with Disabilities, including accessing critical information, participating in judicial proceedings, tracking the progress of a case, and receiving needed accommodations.

December 4, from 8:30 AM - 9:45 AM ET (US & Canada): Digital Accessibility Gaps and Opportunities: 2020 DARE Index, Good Practices among 137 CRPD States Parties
(Co-hosted by G3ict-DPI)

Join Axel Leblois (President of G3ict), Mohammed Ali Loutfy, Ph.D. (Interim Executive Director of DPI) and country experts Maha Al Mansouri (CEO, Mada Assistive Technology Center, Qatar), Trevor Carroll (Vice President, Australian Federation of Disability Organisations, AFDO, Australia), Luis Henrique da Silveira Mauchado (Founder, Association Mais Diferenças and Ktalise Tecnologias, Brazil), and Ekaete J. Umoh (National President, Joint National Association of Persons with Disability, JONAPWD, Nigeria) for a session in partnership with Disabled People’s International (DPI). G3ict will share the just released results of the DARE Index 2020 measuring the progress of 137 States Parties in implementing the digital accessibility provisions of the CRPD. This session will feature global trends, best practices pioneered by countries of different regions and levels of economic development presented by local advocates.

Visit the Conference of States Parties to the CRPD website to learn more.

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