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College Support for Students with Disabilities: Helping U.S. Students Navigate Higher Education

Date: June 2016

Language: English


Publisher: Center for Online Education

Format: PDF

Size: 494.07 KB

Pages: 11


Students with disabilities are afforded the same opportunities and rights as any college student, but knowing how to access available services, accommodations and support resources can be a challenge. This guide, published by the Center for Online Education, 2016, is a helpful resource for students with disabilities.

As a student with a disability, making the decision to attend college can be positive and life-changing. Most colleges recognize that qualified students with disabilities deserve equal educational access and benefits, and work to create a more inclusive environment that offers appropriate student services, advocacy, campus accessibility and academic support. This publication:

  • Outlines legal rights
  • Shows where and how to find assistance on campus
  • Provides an extensive list of websites, apps and software resources designed for students with disabilities.

The web-version of this resource guide is available here:

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