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e-Accessible Knowledge (Business Case White Paper)

Date: March 2016

Language: English

Author: Various

Publisher: G3ict

Format: PDF

Size: 1.1 MB

Pages: 37


This G3ict White Paper picks up and builds on the topics addressed at the 9th European e-Accessibility Forum, held on 8 June 2015 at the Cité des Sciences in Paris. e-Accessible Knowledge is a G3ict Business Case White Paper Series published in March 2016.

Over 250 professionals, association members and scholars from around the world gathered in Paris on this occasion to discuss “e-Accessible Knowledge”. Ten of the conference speakers and one further expert, all actively involved in e-Accessibility, have accepted the invitation to update the opinions and points-of-view expressed in order to shape a review on this question.

Disparities in capacity to access and use knowledge can greatly hinder the development of an inclusive society and become a significant source of inequality. This G3ict White Paper presents and discusses:

  • The need for customizable educational environments which adapt to diverse learning styles, abilities, preferences, and needs;
  • The importance of working with existing international standards that are accessible, interoperable, sustainable and recognized by industry;
  • How accessible content, learning environments and assessment methods can benefit all students, regardless of disabilities or learning differences.
  • How existing legislation can be used to challenge some of the mainstream technology and content vendors who fail to provide integrated access to their products and services.

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