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Emerging mHealth: Paths for Growth

Date: January 2012

Language: English

Author: David Levy

Publisher: PriceWaterCoopers

Format: PDF

Size: 3.1 MB

Pages: 44


This is a global research study about the opportunities and challenges of mobile health from the perspective of patients, payers and providers. PriceWaterCoopers | 2012

Unlike many other forms of communication, such as the Internet, mobile health will likely have a greater effect on how care is delivered, for three reasons:

  • Mobile devices are ubiquitous and personal;
  • Competition will continue to drive lower pricing and increase functionality; and
  • Mobility by its very nature implies that users are always part of a network, which radically increases the variety, velocity, volume and value of information they send and receive.

In recognition of these accelerating factors, PwC commissioned the Economic Intelligence Unit to examine the current state and potential of mHealth, barriers to adoption, and opportunities for companies seeking growth in this space.

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