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iPads for Communication, Access, Literacy and Learning (iCALL)

Date: September 2012

Language: English

Author: Craig Mill

Publisher: Published by CALL Scotland, The University of Edinburgh

Format: PDF

Size: 8.4 MB

Pages: 121


Mobile devices such iPads, iPods and iPhones have taken the world by storm and are increasingly used in teaching and learning, and/or in therapy, to support learners with additional support needs, as well as for personal use. Published by CALL Scotland, The University of Edinburgh | September 2012

The primary aim of the Guide is to offer support to readers who are not necessarily technical specialists and who want to use the iPad with children or adults with some kind of additional support needs, special educational needs or disability.

The book includes chapters on:

  • Getting to grips with the iPad
  • Apps to support teaching & learning
  • Accessibility Options
  • iPad Accessories
  • iPad Resources
  • iPad in Assessments and Exams
  • Managing & Implementing the iPad
  • Glossary of Terms
  • iPad Management using iTunes: some useful tips

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