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National Legislation in Malta - Equal Opportunities (Persons with Disability), 2000

Date: October 2018

Language: English, Maltese

Author: Ministry for Justice, Culture and Local Government

Publisher: Ministry for Justice, Culture and Local Government

Size: 17 KB

Pages: 1

The Act prohibits discrimination on the grounds of disability in employment, education, access to public facilities, and in the provision of goods, services, and facilities. Disability discrimination is defined as unfavourable treatment because of a person's disability, because of non-compliance with a requirement or condition which is unreasonable in the circumstances of the case, or because of a person's use of auxiliary aids or assistance. In employment, discrimination includes the making of hiring, firing, and classification decisions based on disability, and the failure to provide reasonable accommodation for workers with disabilities. Part IV sets forth a test of reasonableness for determining whether the accommodation of disabled persons would cause an unjustifiable hardship. Part V establishes a National Commission Persons with Disability which shall, inter alia, carry out research and devise policy on disability. The Commission may investigate and enforce the law in case of violation of this Act.

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