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Plug and Pray? - A Disability Perspective on AI, Automated Decision-making and Emerging Tech

Date: May 2019

Language: English

Author: Carine Marzin

Publisher: European Disability Forum

Format: PDF

Size: 1.4 MB

Pages: 40


Persons with disabilities are often early adopters of technology. As the technological pace of change continues to increase, it is crucial that barriers to independent living, success and equal participation and opportunities are not recreated in this new age.

The objectives of this report include, to briefly outline the opportunities of emerging technologies for persons with disabilities (part 1); to highlight the concerns and risks that need to be addressed in order to ensure that emerging technologies are inclusive (part 2); to provide practical recommendations to the disability movement, industry, policymakers and academics so that they can better engage with each other in a meaningful and productive dialogue about emerging technologies (part 3).

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