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Research Report: The Impact of Digital Accessibility Innovations on Users' Experience

Date: June 2019

Language: English

Author: G3ict, Knowbility

Publisher: G3ict, Knowbility

Format: PDF

Size: 718 KB

Pages: 31


One hundred and fifty nine digital accessibility experts provided their feedback via a detailed questionnaire in March and April 2019. Survey participants are members of Access Works, Knowbility’s network of accessibility testers with disabilities and are involved in digital innovation as developers, reviewers, or potential users.

Survey results identified the main barriers experienced by users with disabilities to access essential digital content and web services due to their lack of conformance with global accessiblity standards and usability good practices.

The report describes what areas and types of innovation respondents are involved with, their roles, how they assess the utility of those innovations, and what they perceive to be opportunities for further innovation in digital accessibility.

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