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Socioeconomic Impacts of Wireless Technology

Date: May 2012

Language: English

Author: Various

Publisher: BSR, Business for Social Responsibility

Format: PDF

Size: 2 MB

Pages: 49


The purpose of this report is to assess socioeconomic opportunities and challenges that arise from existing and emerging uses of wireless (licensed spectrum) technology, with a particular focus on the areas of health, finance, education, and empowerment. The report was commissioned by CTIA—The Wireless Association® and prepared by BSR | May 2012

The effect of wireless technology on modern society has been profound. Wireless mobility enables instant communication anywhere, anytime, mobilizing the rapid transfer of information and services over immense distances, unbound by geographic barriers. New ways to connect, share, and innovate using wireless technology are invented every day around the world, and are shattering traditional walls that have divided societies for centuries. In this report, we examine the social effects through four lenses: Health Care, Finance, Education, and Community Empowerment.

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