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Study on Assessing and Promoting e-Accessibility

Date: April 2013

Language: English

Author: Lutz Kubitschke, Kevin Cullen, Ciaran Dolphin, Susanna Laurin and Andreas Cederbom

Publisher: European Commission

Format: PDF

Size: 3.18 MB

Pages: 220


This report presents the results and conclusions from a study on assessing and promoting e‐accessibility that was conducted on behalf of the European Commission. This report was prepared for the European Commission DG Communications Networks, Contents and Technology, 2013

The main aims of the study were to take stock of the extent of e‐accessibility across the EU27 countries and some key third countries, as well as the policy efforts that have emerged in this area. The focus was on e‐accessibility in three key domains – the World Wide Web, telecoms and television.

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