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Web Accessibility for Better Business Results (Innovation Series)

Date: March 2012

Language: English, German

Author: Various, G3ict, researched in cooperation with Ephox Corporation

Publisher: G3ict

Format: PDF

Size: 475 KB

Pages: 20


From both a business and a disability rights perspective, this paper describes the value for organizations of adopting techniques to produce accessible web content compliant with global standards.

Web accessibility is a precondition for all persons with disabilities to enjoy the use of the Internet and of websites. Without it, website producers may involuntarily exclude millions of users from their potential audience. This has been difficult to achieve to date due to the complexity of regulations coupled with the cost of training web authors to apply those rules consistently.

This G3ict Innovation White Paper is dedicated to presenting the benefits of web accessibility for businesses, and how the accessibility module of EditLive! produced by Ephox Corporation ( can significantly help streamline the editing of accessible web pages.

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