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Accessibility - A Guide for Educators by Microsoft

Date: January 2011

Language: English

Author: N/A

Publisher: Microsoft

Format: PDF

Size: 1.8 MB

Pages: 47


This guide from Microsoft provides information about accessibility and accessible technology to help educators worldwide ensure that all students have equal access to learning with technology.

In the era of personalized learning where we shift the focus from what is being taught, to what is being learned, the student’s needs and style become more central. Personalized learning requires attention to the unique needs of all students—particularly students with learning difficulties or physical disabilities. As students are encouraged to take greater responsibility for their learning, and for using technology to acquire new skills, schools have a responsibility to provide accessible technology that can be personalized for each student’s needs. For educators new to accessibility and working with students with disabilities, accessibility can seem overwhelming. To help educators teach students with all types of abilities, you will find specific information about each type of impairment and accessible technology solutions.

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