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Accessible ICTs and Personalized Learning for Students with Disabilities: A Dialogue among Educators, Industry, Government and Civil Society

Date: November 2011

Language: English

Author: Various

Publisher: UNESCO, with a G3ict contribution

Format: PDF

Size: 1.2 MB

Pages: 56


On 17-18 November 2011, UNESCO, in cooperation with Microsoft Corporation, convened a consultative two day meeting of 30 experts from more than 10 countries. The participants included teachers working with children with learning difficulties and physical disabilities, school administrators, experts from the IT industry, representatives from non-governmental organizations and disabled persons organizations. This report is an outcome of the meeting, with a contribution of G3ict.

Personalized learning requires attention to the unique needs of all students of all abilities, acknowledging that each have different learning styles including students with mild, moderate or severe disabilities. The use of technology in education plays a particularly vital role by enabling flexible curriculum development and assisting students with disabilities to participate as equals in the learning experience. It also helps to prepare them for life-long learning, recreation and work outside of school. As the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities continues to be implemented globally, State Parties to the Convention continue efforts to realise the goal of Inclusive Education to ensure that students with disabilities have full access, on an equal basis with other students, to regular schools and teachings.

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