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Broadband Adoption and Use in America

Date: February 2010

Language: English

Author: John B. Horrigan, Ph.D.

Publisher: The FCC Omnibus Broadband Initiative

Format: PDF

Size: 656 KB

Pages: 52


Broadband Adoption and Use in America: OBI Working Paper Series No. 1. The Federal Communications Commission’s October-November 2009 survey finds that nearly two-thirds (65%) of American adults use high-speed Internet connections to go online from home.

The FCC conducted a survey of 5,005 Americans in October and November 2009 in an effort to understand the state of broadband adoption and use, as well as barriers facing those who do not have broadband at home. Some 42% of Americans with disabilities have broadband at home. Broadband users overwhelmingly view the social aspects of the Internet as very important to them, while watching TV, videos or movies online and playing games were deemed less important.

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