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Enabling Access for Persons with Disabilities to Higher Education and Workplace: Role of ICT and Assistive Technologies

Date: January 2012

Language: English

Author: C J Chacko, Abey Jose, Jessy Akkara , Mohan K. Pillai

Publisher: The Fourth Wave Foundation and The Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (IIMB)

Format: PDF

Size: 1.6 MB

Pages: 72


The enrollment percentages of children with disabilities into the primary and secondary education systems in India are extremely low. The challenges are many – the lack of accessible facilities, accessible lesson content, sensitive teachers who are competent to deal with their physical, intellectual and emotional needs, and inclusive assessment methodologies are top-of-the-line issues. These contribute to a huge drop out rate for the already minuscule percentage of children with disabilities who manage to get to school in the first place.

  • Crucial difference between existing educational environments and inclusive/enabling ones;
  • Understanding what it means to ensure equal access, be sensitive to student needs, and redefine how we build educational environments;
  • How can Indian campuses become inclusive to be globally competent and competitive.

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