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Putting e-Accessibility at the Core of Information Systems

Date: March 2013

Language: English, Russian

Author: Various

Publisher: G3ict

Format: PDF

Size: 728 KB

Pages: 32


This G3ict White Paper follows discussions from the 6th European e-Accessibility Forum organized by the Association BrailleNet and Universcience in Paris, France, on March 26, 2012. This is a Business Case White Paper Series published by G3ict in March 2013.

This G3ict White Paper presents and discusses:

  • The notion that e-accessibility must no longer be approached as an afterthought but rather as a core component of information systems with the potential to increase business and performance;
  • The importance of widely recognized standards and technical guidance;
  • The need for industry leaders to rise to the challenge and provide all stakeholders, from designers to end users, with the necessary tools and training to make e-accessibility feasible in large organizations;
  • The means to design, build and distribute accessible products and services; and
  • The importance of implementing accessibility in the day-to-day activities of digital content and service providers.

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