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Zero Project Report 2016: Education and Information & Communication Technologies

Date: January 2016

Language: English

Author: Michael Fembek, Ingrid Heindorf, Wilfried Kainz, Amelie Saupe

Publisher: ESSL Foundation, with a G3ict contribution

Format: PDF

Size: 3.29 MB

Pages: 91


This report covers innovations in inclusive schools, universities, learning materials, and vocational- educational training highlighted through social indicators, innovative practices and policies based on Article 24 of the UN CRPD on Education. Published by Essl Foundation in January 2016.

As the final year of the Zero Project’s four-year cycle, in 2015–2016 the Project has focused on Article 24 (Education) of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities but this Report also addresses elements of Article 5 (Equality and Non-discrimination), Article 7 (Children), Article 27 (Work and Employment, particularly vocational and educational training), and Article 31 (Statistics). In the research on Innovative Practices and Policies, Article 9 (Accessibility) was also included, with a particular focus on information and communication technology (ICT).

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