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Guide for Business on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Date: September 2017

Language: English

Author: Ursula Wynhoven, Lauren Gula, Elena Bombis, Shubha Chandra, Sadhvi Saran, Stefan Tromel, Jurgen Menze

Publisher: UN Global Compact, ILO, with a G3ict contribution

Format: PDF

Size: 5.27MB

Pages: 32


Many companies across the world have policies, practices and initiatives in place that seek to respect and support the rights and inclusion of persons with disabilities as employees, customers, suppliers and community members. Some of the measures are required by law, but many go beyond legal requirements recognizing the human rights and business case for inclusion.

The objective of this guide is to help improve business’ understanding of the rights of people with disabilities, how to respect and support them and the opportunity to improvetheir competitiveness and sustainability by doing so in alignment with relevant United Nations (UN) conventions and frameworks.

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