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Incheon Strategy to "Make the Right Real" for Persons with Disabilities in Asia and the Pacific

Date: November 2012

Language: English

Author: United Nations in Asia and the Pacific

Publisher: United Nations

Format: PDF

Size: 2.76 MB

Pages: 55


The Incheon Strategy provides the Asian and Pacific region, and the world, with the first set of regionally agreed disability-inclusive development goals. It builds on the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and will enable the Asian and Pacific region to track progress towards improving the quality of life, and the fulfilment of the rights, of the region’s 650 million persons with disabilities. Published by United Nations ESCAP, 2012.

Similar to the Millennium Development Goals, the Incheon goals and targets are time-bound for accelerating implementation by focusing particular attention on the achievement of a set of priority goals and targets during the course of the new Decade, 2013–2022, as well as facilitating the measurement of progress to be attained by countries and territories in the Asia-Pacific region.

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