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By: ITU, G3ict

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November 2011 | English, Arabic, Chinese, French, Polish, Russian, Spanish | Pages: 87

This report has been prepared by Peter Olaf Looms, Chairman ITU-T Focus Group on Audiovisual Media Accessibility, in cooperation with G3ict | November 2011

By: Pew Research Center

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January 2011 | English | Pages: 5

Using the internet can be a challenge for people living with disabilities.

By: ITU, The Centre for Internet & Society, G3ict, The Hans Foundation

Format: PDF

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February 2010 | English | Pages: 162

The e-Accessibility Policy Handbook for Persons with Disabilities is based upon the online ITU-G3ict e-Accessibility Policy Toolkit for Persons with Disabilities.

By: The FCC Omnibus Broadband Initiative

Format: PDF

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February 2010 | English | Pages: 52

Broadband Adoption and Use in America: OBI Working Paper Series No. 1. The Federal Communications Commission’s October-November 2009 survey finds that nearly two-thirds (65%)

By: Università di Udine, Italy

Format: PDF

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October 2008 | English | Pages: 8

After a quick review and description of methods, the paper illustrates a comparative test of two web accessibility evaluation methods: conformance testing and barrier walk through |


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March 2007 | English | Pages: 13

This document contains the report of the 26 March Global Initiative for Inclusive Information and Communication Technologies Forum in New York.

By: United Nations


| | Pages: 0

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities – what role for Philanthropy?

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